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Overview of Evolute's consulting services

What's new in consulting?


Hi there,
we just wanted to keep in touch and offer a brief overview of our growing consulting portfolio. If you are familiar with our services, you already know about our expertise in pattern design and panel fitting. But did you know we can also help with execution modeling and production drawings?



Our pattern design solution enables paneling with
  • planar panels
  • single-curved panels
  • double-curved panels
or a mixture thereof, leading to panelizations with high quality at low cost.


Already have a design? We will work on it and simplify your panelization to reduce manufacturing costs while fitting your constraints:
  • panel types (planar, cylindrical...)
  • mold sizes,
  • physical tolerances,...


Our approach to production drawings
  • saves time,
  • minimizes waste,
  • and delivers results within a few working days.


Our execution models are 100% based on tailor made scripts and software tools from our extensive library. As such, they are

  • precise to production tolerances
  • easily adaptable to 11th hour changes and
  • and allow efficient extraction of production data

the Evolute Team


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