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Time to optimize


Hi Visitor,
springtime is treating us with three new blossoms in the software library:

Each of them is focused on one simple application. A couple of commands, a few options to play with: optimizing and simplifying complex geometry has never been easier!


EvoluteTools FIT

FIT is a light plug-in with a single purpose: simplifying panels.
  1. Give FIT a NURBS panel, a closed boundary curve or even just corner points.
  2. Specify a target type (flat panels, cylinders, cones...) or let FIT choose the cheapest.
  3. Get the best possible result with a single click!


EvoluteTools CLUSTER

Find out how many unique panels make up your rationalized design.
CLUSTER is the best way to get quick insight into manufacturing costs and production logistics.

EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL

GRIDSHELL helps you plan steel and glass gridshells based on reference axes.
Solve all complex geometry cases, resolve conflicts and create every component of the gridshell structure: nodes, beams, glass connectors, panels... You can then export those elements using your own drawing templates.


Start optimizing now!

the Evolute Team


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