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May 2015 Newsletter

Welcome to the Evolute Newsletter - May 2015

Welcome to the Evolute Newsletter - May 2015 edition, which introduces you to our latest news and works.

In this edition we want to inform you about our new update and release of EvoluteTools T.MAP and D.LOFT.

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EvoluteTools T.MAP *beta* - Major Update Released



What is EvoluteTools T.MAP and what is its main function? Here is a quick reminder:

  • EvoluteTools T.MAP creates globally consistent triangular and quad patterns on any given 3D shape in a fully automatic way,
  • These can be used to map quadrangular or triangular textures with minimum distortion.
  • Patterns can be aligned with user-guided curves or principal curvature directions.

New important features and improvements


What are the most important new features and improvements in this updated version?

  • Patterns can now be extracted as meshes, so it becomes easy to continue working with the results in your own specific workflow.
  • You can use any existing quad or triangle mesh to define a mapping pattern for your shape.
  • Treatment of singular nodes has been vastly improved - they will now appear much smoother.


 Read more about these latest changes here.



EvoluteTools D.LOFT - New Features



We released a new version of EvoluteTools D.LOFT, including new useful features.

  • A new graphical user interface gives much better control of the optimization process.
  • The possibility to force alignment of rulings with curve extremities.
  • A new command allowing the user to control the number of surface control points.
  • D.LOFT now accepts an arbitrary number of input curves and will sort them automatically


Read more about these latest changes here.



 Educational licensing

EvoluteTools PRO Lab kits/single user educational licenses now include the modules Panel Fitting, Flat panel clustering and D.LOFT.

Read more about educational licensing options in this article.



 Evolute goes China


"SuZhou DongWu Cultural Center" - Tong Ji Architectural Design Group

Evolute is happy to announce that we are about to set up a joint venture in China. We have already worked on local projects in the past year. In collaboration with our local partners we are able to offer complete consulting packages including geometry, facade engineering, structural engineering, BIM, and local know-how.

Get in contact with us if you are looking for support for your projects in China.




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