EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL

EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL for Rhino enables you to rapidly plan steel and glass gridshells based on a reference axes mesh. EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL solves all complex geometry cases, resolves conflicts, and creates nodes, beams, glass connectors, and panels. Production data for all of these elements can be exported rapidly, using your specific drawing templates. Specific node systems will be implemented on request.

EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL is built upon EvoluteTools PRO and combines perfectly with its mesh design and optimization features. EvoluteTools CLUSTER can be used in addition to cluster panel shapes and minimize the number of unique panels.

EvoluteTools GRIDSHELL includes an interface for import and export to and from Microsoft Excel, allowing to combine it with almost any software for structural calculations.

Typical input

  • A mesh representing the axes of steel beams and node locations
  • Block definitions for beams, beam-to-node connectors, and glass connectors

Typical output

  • Nodes including drilled holes represented as solid polysurfaces
  • Beams, beam-to-node connectors, and glass connectors represented as block instances
  • Panels represented as solid polysurfaces and boundary curves
  • Nodes, beams, panels in unrolled position for production data and drawing output

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