Precise 3d models of any scale for a production environment

All execution models share 3 important requirements which distinguish them from models for architectural presentations or renderings: They must be

  • precise to production tolerances
  • easily adaptable to 11th hour changes and
  • allow efficient extraction of production data
We approach this task with the mindset of a software developer - our models are 100% based on tailor made scripts and software tools from our extensive library. That way, we can store everything that's needed for production from the very beginning and efficiently implement changes by adapting parts of the modeling code. Also, scale is not a problem - even models with tens of thousands of unique parts can be created and handled efficiently.


Since any tolerances, rules like minimum or maximum distances, or even more complex constraints become part of our code, they will be globally enforced automatically - no matter how large the model gets. Human error caused by repetitive modeling tasks for thousands of objects is eliminated. Every single object is designed with the precision of a computer.


Let's say you've got a 3d model with 30.000 aluminum parts, each with a unique set of drills for screwing them to their counterparts. Now the minimum distance between two drills is suddenly increased by 5mm. Nightmare? In our approach, we just change a single value in our scripts and recreate the model within minutes.

Geared towards production

Generating production data and drawings of any kind from 3d models is a core part of our business. When we create a model from the ground up, this task is always on our minds and we store all necessary data right when it is produced. If we add a drill to an object, we know that the CNC machine which will execute it will need to know the drill's axis and depth. And when two parts are connected in a model, we know that this relationship will become important for assembly drawings.

The economy of scale

For large projects with lots of different parts and interfaces, parametric modeling is practically a must. We make sure your models serve your specific needs and reduce the complexity and effort needed to extract statistics, drawings and data on thousands of objects. A competitive advantage that only grows with the size of the project.


In execution modeling, small details can trigger huge follow up costs if they aren't well thought through - but decisions often have to be made in short succession. Interfaces to multiple other lots have to be negotiated and data from several sources and in several formats has to be analyzed. We have years of experience in guiding our customers through the execution phase of complex projects of any scale - from 20 square meters to 10.000 - to a final model that's ready for production.


Our expertise doesn't end with the modeling. Once the geometry is fixed, we can directly provide you with production data for your - or a subcontractors - machinery. This includes (but isn't limited to)
  • machining centers
  • water jet and other cutters
  • drilling machines
  • hot wire cutters

Interested? Send us a request.


Need a way of communicating your data to employees or clients? Take a look at how we create drawings directly from your execution models.

Software training

Our consulting services rely on our expertise as well as the extensive software we have developed over the years. Our experience will serve the needs of your current projects, but your long-term vision might involve a more efficient workflow. This is why we have developed the EvoluteTools software suite, for which we provide tailored training programs suited to your needs. Take a look at our software solutions and don't hesitate to contact us for training services that will help you master the full potential of EvoluteTools.

Showcase projects

Have a look at some reference projects for which Evolute created execution geometry:

QNCC Undisclosed Arena Corinthians KREOD Pavilions Eiffel Pavilions Oxford Library

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