Optimized panels and moulding tools for freeform architecture

Freeform surfaces play a prominent role in contemporary architecture. While there exist numerous methods and software tools for digital design, the production of such designs pushes the envelope of affordability and technical feasibility. To meet this challenge, a so-called rationalization process is applied to architectural freeform designs. Rationalization means an approximation of the design by a set of elements (panels) that can be cost-efficiently manufactured with the selected material and the available technology. The research focus of this project lies in the cost-effective production and in the reuse of moulding tools for curved panels. This is motivated by the significantly higher costs of moulding tools (e.g. for the production of double curved glass panels) compared to the actual production of a panel using this moulding tool. Besides minimal deviation from the design geometry, the reuse of moulding tools has to also consider logistic questions, since space restrictions usually limit the amount of time the moulding tools can be stored. The goal of this project is to extend the existing rationalization software of Evolute by a modular optimization approach that enables an efficient panel production and the reuse of moulding tools based on the material and manufacturing technology. We plan to test and improve the software on real projects.

Project Title Optimierte Paneele und Formwerkzeuge für die Freiform-Architektur FFG Logo
Project Number824197
Start Date2009-10-01
End Date2011-09-30
Funding AgencyAustrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG)

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