Fast and affordable production drawings

Creating thousands or even tens of thousands of production drawings is a very repetitive and time-consuming task - but at the same time a very responsible one, since errors often lead to costly problems and waste during production. Evolute offers fully automatic creation of your drawings based on your own templates for everything from simple rectangular panels to complex aluminum parts and curved insulated glazing units (IGUs).


After spending as little as a few hours to incorporate your templates and adapt to your input format, our system can create any number of drawings fully automatically. The economy of scale allows us to offer our drawing service at a very competitive price, especially for large numbers of drawings. Also, we are typically able to deliver the results within a few working days.


The manual creation of large numbers of drawings is prone to human error, as all highly repetitive manual tasks. Our approach reduces this risk by limiting human input to the initial setup phase. Everything else is done with the precision of a computer.


We can work with a wide range of input formats, like

  • 3d data in any format
  • Excel spreadsheets
  • Existing 2d drawings (DXF,...)
In addition we can quickly adapt to your preferred in-house format as well.

From the shelf or tailor made

While our approach allows for a large degree of flexibility in terms of input and the drawing format, prices will be even lower if your input and output fall within one of our predefined packages. Here's two examples.

Curved IGUs

  • IGU composition (sheet thicknesses)
  • 3d reference surface for each IGU
For each IGU:
  • 3d view of complete panel
  • for each glass sheet:
    • 3d view of sheet
    • unrolled view of sheet

Flat panels with drills and etching

DXF or DWG file containing:
  • panel outlines as curves
  • drill locations as circles, crosses, etc
  • textual data (such as for etching panel ids)
For each panel:
  • dimensioned top view of panel
  • additional information according to customer specs

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