Evolute develops the most comprehensive paneling solution available to date. Built on a highly versatile and extremely powerful optimization technology, our expertise has been proven on many of today's architectural landmarks.


A key requirement for realizing complex geometric designs is an effective paneling solution, i.e., to represent the freeform design surface by a union of patches, so-called panels, that can be manufactured with a selected technology at reasonable cost, while meeting the design intent and achieving the desired aesthetic quality of panel layout and surface smoothness. We offer the most comprehensive paneling solution available to date, building upon constantly ongoing R&D.

Planar Panels

Evolute enables you to panelize freeform surfaces using planar panels in countless ways. Let it be triangle meshes, planar quad meshes, hybrid mixtures between them, or even patterns involving flat hexagons: We support you in mastering any type of freeform geometry.

Triangle pattern Hybrid quad/triangle pattern Planar quad pattern

Single-Curved Panels

Single-curved (developable) panels are the most economic choice for virtually any material when it comes to create a smooth surface appearance. Evolute.PatternDesign allows you to design freeform structures consisting of single-curved panels from scratch or to simplify existing freeform designs using single-curved panels (e.g. cylinders, cones, general developable surfaces, etc).

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Do you need production drawings? This is another one of our many services.

Do you already have a design? We can help you optimize the panels to decrease manufacturing costs.

Software training

Our consulting services rely on our expertise as well as the extensive software we have developed over the years. Our experience will serve the needs of your current projects, but your long-term vision might involve a more efficient workflow. This is why we have developed the EvoluteTools software suite, for which we provide tailored training programs suited to your needs. Take a look at our software solutions and don't hesitate to contact us for training services that will help you master the full potential of EvoluteTools.

Showcase projects

Details on the projects making use of this technology can be found following the links below.

YAS Island Busan Opera House Blob Eindhoven Louvre Museum Eiffel Pavilions KREOD Pavilions

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