Geometry Consulting Excellence

Evolute offers leading expertise in bringing complex geometry from vision to design to detailing to production. Our unique technology helps you to decrease cost, save time, lower risk, and improve aesthetics.

Our portfolio of services for architecture

Evolute supports you in all aspects of finding and realizing your geometric design idea: form finding, aesthetic, structural, and cost optimization, generation of production data and drawings, quantity estimation, ...


Our pattern design solution enables paneling with planar, single-curved, and double-curved panels or a mixture thereof, leading to panelizations with high quality at low cost.

Low Cost: Production costs are minimized by maximizing the use of cheap panels and enabling mold reuse, i.e., multiple panels can be produced by the same mold or with the same machine configuration.

High Quality: The paneling solution meets user-specified quality requirements, such as the deviation from the design surface, the fairness of panelization seams, and the continuity between panels.


Already have a design? We will work on it and simplify your panelization to reduce manufacturing costs while fitting your constraints:
  • panel types (planar, cylindrical...)
  • mold sizes
  • physical tolerances...


Create thousands of production drawings in a fully automatic way that is at once time-efficient, accurate and flexible. Our approach saves time, minimizes waste and delivers results within a few working days.

The best part? Our price will be competitive even for large amounts of drawings.


Using tailor made scripts and our own extensive software library, we produce execution models of any scale, with a high level of precision and adaptability.

Our models are fully ready for creating production data.

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